Step Three: Finding an E-2 qualifying business

When looking for information online and speaking with visa consultants about the purchase of an E-2 qualifying business, much is left to question. How and where do I find a business to purchase? What should I look for? When should I start looking? Who can help? Surprisingly, accurate information on this subject is very hard to find even though the purchase of the business is one of the biggest single factors to the approval or denial of said visa.

There are many avenues to search and find qualified businesses for sale. We recommend that you work with one of our qualified business brokers who can not only help you find a business that will qualify you for your E-2 visa, but can also help you negotiate and close the deal successfully which in return will solidify your approval of the E-2 application.

When Should You Start Looking?

Investors should start looking for a business when they have the necessary funds and are ready make an offer on a business. The business brokerage market in florida is constantly changing, if you start looking before you are ready to buy you could wasting a lot of time. Your G3 representative will assist you on establishing a reasonable time frame.


What should you look for?

The business needs to be able to prove its past and current financials with legitimate US tax returns and the business must be non marginal.


How do you verify advertised business financials?

Each business purchase contract has a due-diligence period outlined. The purpose of due-diligence is to provide the Buyer with the opportunity to verify the various financial and non- financial representations made by the seller during the preliminary negotiations. Business closings are contingent upon the satisfaction of financial due-diligence and the issuance of an E-2 immigration visa. If an E-2 visa is denied the contract is cancelled and the investor is issued a full refund of the business purchase deposit.


What does the business purchase process look like?

  1. Establish your purchase criteria.

  2. Create a preliminary list of businesses that meet your requirements.

  3. Identify those that most appeal to you.

  4. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement for each of the final prospects chosen.

  5. Gather additional preliminary financial and non-financial information.

  6. Make an offer and go to contract.

  7. Due-diligence.

  8. Submit E-2 visa case to USCIS.

  9. Visa approval and issuance.

  10. Business closing and transition.


Step Four: Start a conversation with a relocation expert today.