Is an E2 visa difficult to get?

Speaker: Brian Govoni

Question: Is an E2 visa difficult to get?

Well, that’s probably the most common thing that people say when they come in to talk to me for the first time. Usually, they have done some research, they have gone on websites, forums, or maybe even gone and met with a consultant or a lawyer. They come away with the feeling that things are really difficult. I think that the reason for that is that a lot of these consultants and lawyers and other people have a vested interested in making it seem difficult. I guess maybe to justify why they charge so much money to do these things but I don’t really think the process is difficult. I think the requirements are pretty straight forward and clear. I think one of the biggest differences is when you work with our firm is that we really don’t focus on the e2 visa side as being the thing is the difficult thing. Our approach to this process is that when you make a good investment then the e2 visa pretty much takes care of itself. No, I would disagree that its a difficult process. Its a process that you have to follow a path that makes sense and that is a tried and true path but if you follow that program or that path then it really takes the difficulty out of it.